By Michela Arfiero

Francesca Neri Antonello founded FNA Concept in 2009 together with a group of professionals that she personally handpicked and with whom she works to realize all aspects of her projects: architecture, landscape architecture, design, and interior design; renovating, repurposing, demolishing and building; adapting antique furniture to pieces selected or designed for clients—all are recurrent features of her projects. Her experience, which ranges from collaborations with Alessandro Mendini and the architect Martin Wagner for public and private projects to the hospitality line for the Frette Group, has led her to master her craft using tools that give shape to architectural projects—from buildings to textiles, furniture to finishings—with great emphasis on exploring new solutions. Her persistent search for uniqueness can be found in the smallest details, thanks to valuable partnerships with suppliers and craftsmen who possess in-depth knowledge of both industrial and artisan techniques.

The FNA Concept team implements research, knowledge, and experimentation to create unique residential projects:
in Saint Tropez, Venice, the Engadine Valley, Milan, Lugano, London, and New York. Their work ethic is always embracing new challenges from energy-saving to refined technical innovations.

Their strong team is able to create work groups anywhere with the use of new technologies, such as 3D rendering and digital communication, as well as with professional collaborators.

The name itself embodies the essence of the FNA Concept,in which each project bears a concept elaborated specifically for the client by a creative development team that can reinvent itself and transform ideas into work plans at all stages, from presentation to realization.

All projects are born in harmony with clients through participation that goes beyond residential needs; it is an experience shared through excursions, onsite inspections, and encounters with artisans and suppliers during the choosing of furniture and materials. Francesca has worked for private and public spacesin Italy, Switzerland, France, and the UK, offering her skills andestablishing unconventional synergies with local contexts and landscapes.

In June 2019, Francesca signed her first hôtellerie project: an elaborate restoration in a sublime location poised between past and present and inspired by the Japanese notion of imperfection, where each room is ready to host and welcome guests with its views and history.